Which brands sell the most fake contact lenses?

Biweekly contact lens, grey contact lenses and novelty contact lens are among the most common fake contact lens brands, according to data from an industry trade group.

The data comes as more companies start to push their own versions of contact lenses.

The research firm Glassdoor says more than 7,000 companies sell fake contact lenses and about 1,300 offer novelty versions.

The fake contact brand “is one of the biggest brands out there right now, it’s certainly on our radar,” said Steve Zaslavsky, Glassdoor’s head of consumer insights.

Glassdoor, which analyzes consumer data and provides insights into how consumers use technology, said it looked at the sales of each of the 7,500 different types of fake contactlenses.

It found that the vast majority of these fake contact brands offer a wide range of styles, colors and materials.

The report found that novelty contact lens sales rose sharply in 2017, while the average price per pair rose by about 2% annually from the previous year.

While the number of fake brands has dropped, the number is still growing.

About 1,400 novelty contactlens were sold in 2017.

The number of brands offering a variety of styles and colors has increased by about 7% annually since 2015.

In contrast, the average cost per pair of fake contacts has risen by only 4% annually.

A brand’s average price on average rose about $10 per pair from 2016 to 2017, the study said.

In other words, there has been a significant increase in the average retail price of the fake contact contact lenses over the past few years.

It also found that about 70% of the novelty brand sales were from manufacturers who sell them at wholesale prices, which Glassdoor defines as prices that don’t include shipping.

That means that these fake contacts cost a brand about $4.25 on average.

The average retail cost of a pair of novelty contact contacts is about $9.90, the report found.

“It’s interesting to see a company offering these fake lenses and say they are so inexpensive that they are selling them at $1.75 each,” said John Jansen, an analyst at JMP Securities in New York.

“That is a very good value proposition.

It’s hard to argue that the product is worth that much.”

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