‘Wolf Contact Lens’ to be available for purchase on Amazon soon

A new product from Wolf, a US-based manufacturer, aims to give you a better look at your eyes without the cost.

Called Wolf Contact Lens, it’s a “synthetic” contact lens that “resembles” your natural lenses.

The idea behind the product is that your natural eye lens is the one that’s going to correct your vision, so it’s really important to get the right lens in your eyes.

“It’s an amazing technology that is only available in China,” Wolf CEO Eric Moll explains.

“We hope to bring it to the US in the near future.”

This is in contrast to the fact that a natural lens costs more than $10,000.

In the UK, a “wolf” contact lenses costs about £5,000, which is a lot more expensive than Wolf’s natural lenses, but cheaper than what you might pay for the standard “wolf”, “cat” or “bear” contact lenses.

In a statement, Wolf says the product will work with your eyes, and will be available “soon” in the UK.

Wolf said its artificial lenses, which are made of a combination of a synthetic material and pigments, “are manufactured in China and are more than 100 times more expensive compared to the natural lenses used in traditional contact lenses”.

This new “symbiotic” product will be a bit different to the traditional lenses that you buy at a big box retailer, Moll said.

“You would buy the same lenses for a day or two, but you’d get really tired and maybe forget about them,” he said.

It will also “give you the look of the natural eyes”.

Moll added that the lenses will be “natural-looking” in appearance, and that it’s “not a synthetic” product.

Wolf is hoping to introduce the product to the UK by the end of March, but that it will be limited to the British market.

Wolf says it has had over 20,000 orders for its artificial-lens product, which it says will be ready for sale within the first quarter of 2019.

Wolf’s product is a “natural” lens, and so is a bit cheaper, but still, it will cost you more than a regular contact lens Wolf says its artificial lens will work by “reprogramming” the natural eye to be closer to your face.

Wolf calls this a “smart contact lens”, meaning that it “doesn’t require any special equipment” to use.

“The smart contact lens works by automatically recognizing your gaze,” the company says.

“When you look at the object in front of you, the smart contact lenses automatically adjust their lenses to reflect your natural vision.

For the eyes that are naturally closer to the user, the natural vision is automatically more sensitive.”

Wolf is aiming for a release in the first half of 2019, but Moll says it plans to bring the product “to the US as well” in time for Christmas.

This is not the first time Wolf has made a product for the natural world.

It previously developed an eye lens that worked with a cat’s whiskers.

The company is also planning to introduce a “cat eye” contact device, which looks like a cat and has an eye that’s slightly closer to you than normal.

“This cat eye contact device is a much more accurate solution for the cat eye,” Wolf’s CEO says.

Wolf claims its artificial contact lenses will help people “make more sense of their lives”, but there is a caveat.

Wolf has to take a risk when making artificial contact lens products.

The lenses are made by a small team in China, which means there’s a very high risk that the artificial lens could damage your eyes and cause eye infections.

Wolf hopes that the company will be able to reduce the risk of eye damage by using “smaller lenses”, so that it can focus on the “high quality” artificial lenses.

“Our artificial lens is designed to be flexible enough to fit into the eyes of people with different eye sizes,” Moll told Business Insider.

Moll claims the company is now working on making the lenses more “natural looking” for people who have visual impairments, such as low vision. “

In addition, we are creating the lens by combining the natural and artificial lenses.”

Moll claims the company is now working on making the lenses more “natural looking” for people who have visual impairments, such as low vision.

Wolf expects to release the first artificial-contact lenses in late 2019.

“With the right lenses, you can actually see your natural eyes and you can be as comfortable with the world around you,” Mok said.

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