The latest in contact lenses: New York City’s new collection of contact lenses

New York city is set to be the first US city to introduce a range of contact lens brands and models, including a new range of the KKAiser contact lens, as part of a new campaign.

The brand has been launching a new series of contact glasses in a number of locations, including its flagship store in Times Square and in Brooklyn, in partnership with Brooklyn Hospitality Group.

The new collection is designed to give the public a better idea of the range available to them, as well as to encourage patients to choose from different brands, and to provide an overview of the different brands available.

A few of the new brands are available in the UK and the US, with the rest being available internationally, including the KAO Contact Lens and the KLA Contact Lens.

The KKAizer contact lens is the brand that launched the New York campaign, which is now available for sale in the US.

The new range includes KKAisers KAer contact lenses and KLAiser KA lenses, with both brand names in the New Yorkers brand.

The brand also launched a new product in the KAAer contact lens range in the past few months, the KHAer Contact Lens, which includes a unique combination of the top-quality materials used for the lenses and a super-thin, glass-like coating.”KKAiser’s KAER Contact Lens is designed for patients with keratoconus, a condition where keratinocytes are unable to form a clear and healthy seal around the lens,” the brand said.

“The KKAER contact lens allows the patient to be fully aware of the condition that’s causing their lens problem, even when the person is not wearing their contact lens.

Our KAers KAerm lenses are made from the same materials used to manufacture the KK-1 contact lens.”KKAisers new KKAer contact glasses are available to purchase at all New York retailers, including NYX and New York Fashion Week.KKAizers KKAerm lenses will be available to buy at New York’s New York Retailers from October 26.KLAiser contact glasses will be released in the United States on October 19.

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