New vision contact lens: A vision-improving device with a tiny camera that could save your life

By now, everyone is familiar with the ubiquitous video game headset and, more recently, the eye-tracking technology used in games like “Pokémon Go.”

But now, scientists have developed a vision-tracking device that could transform your day-to-day life and help you find your way around a crowded city.

They call the device “the world’s smallest eye camera.”

They describe their device, called “A Vision-Enhancing Glass,” in the journal Science Advances.

The device, which is being developed by researchers at MIT and the University of Zurich, is the brainchild of Harvard University’s John W. Bell and the Zurich-based Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.

The researchers hope the device can be commercially available within a few years.

“We think it could change the way we communicate and interact with people and improve people’s quality of life,” Bell said in a statement.

The project was funded by the National Science Foundation and is headed by MIT professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Max Planks Institute for Machine Learning, and MIT Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Robert Pardes.

The vision-enhancing glasses are built to work with the brain’s image recognition system, a method of neural network processing that uses neural networks to create artificial neural connections.

The neural network system has a number of functions, but it’s especially well-suited to capturing images.

It can help you to recognize patterns of objects in a scene, and it can also help you recognize patterns in a person’s behavior.

The research was conducted at MIT by Bell and colleagues, and the team is now working on a similar device to help people who have trouble seeing, including those with visual impairment.

But it’s not just a technology that will improve your day.

It could save lives.

The team also has a vision system that can help people with low vision with a variety of vision challenges.

The system could be used to help the blind, and for people with chronic eye disease, including glaucoma.

Bell said the glasses can also be used for other visual-sensory tasks, including finding your way through crowded spaces.

The glasses also can be used in combination with a smartphone.

It’s unclear how many people are using the glasses at this time, and Bell said he hopes to expand the device in the future.

Bell told ABC News he doesn’t want to give too much away, but said the device could be on the market within the next year.

“It’s an ambitious goal,” he said.

The video game industry is a big part of the company’s business, as are some high-tech applications.

A new video game called “Skylanders” will come out in the U.S. this fall, and Google’s Project Glass is slated to be released in the second quarter of next year, according to a report by CNNMoney.

Development Is Supported By

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