‘Bad-ass’ lens for cancer patients

A new high-tech lens has been developed to combat the deadliest forms of cancer and save lives, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Mark J. Rifkin, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering, and Dr. Michael J. O’Malley, an associate professor of optometry, used the compound in a study on the efficacy of the compound, called “Nano” or Nano-Troposin.

“The compound was shown to be safe and effective against the most aggressive types of aggressive melanoma in the lungs and lymph nodes,” O’Neill said.

“We believe the compound is a powerful tool to help reduce cancer morbidity and mortality and improve the quality of life for many patients with this devastating disease.”

Researchers say the compound was the result of collaboration between UW-Madison and a research group in the United Kingdom, which created nanoparticles using the DNA of cancer cells.

“We’ve developed nanoparticles that are incredibly safe and have shown promise against cancer,” Olamin said.

“These are not drugs, but they can be used in conjunction with other therapies to help patients who are suffering from a serious form of cancer to live more productive lives.”

Nano-Toxins are nanoparticles of DNA, which are made of the same material as the cancer cells, and act like a sponge that breaks down the cancer’s outer coating and lets the surrounding cells breathe.

NanoToxin works by breaking down the cell surface to reveal a protein, which then attaches itself to the cancer cell and becomes an essential part of its own protective DNA.

“This is very exciting,” Olegi, of the UW-Milwaukee Center for Nanomedicine, said.

He said the compound will be used to treat patients suffering from aggressive forms of melanoma and other cancers.

“There are a lot of promising therapeutic approaches, but in order to have a chance at survival, we need to have enough DNA to make these nanoparticles,” Oli said.

In the new study, the researchers found the nanoparticles can be administered to healthy patients via injections into the lungs or lymph nodes.

The nanoparticles were found to be 99.9 percent effective against lung cancer, with 95 percent efficacy against lymph node cancer.

“If you’re going to have cancer in your lungs, the most effective way to protect yourself is to have your immune system attack the cancer,” Dr. Olami said.

Olamin added that the nanoparticle could be used on both healthy and cancer patients, and he hopes that the compound could be licensed for use in clinical trials.

“I believe the nanopore would be a great drug for patients who suffer from aggressive cancers,” Olimin said, adding that it could be a “game changer” in the treatment of cancer.

Olimin added he believes nanopore is a very effective drug.

“It’s a compound that we think is very powerful against a variety of cancers, and I think it could make a huge difference in terms of reducing cancer morbidities and mortality,” Ojala said.

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