What to know about the most popular contact lens brands, including Proclear, and more

By Andrew Ritchie/BloombergBusinessweekA major US health insurer is rolling out new coverage for Proclear lenses, including new types of contacts and improved features for the eye.

The Affordable Care Act allows insurers to charge higher deductibles for Proclares lenses, but not as much as it does for the newer, cheaper eye devices such as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus.

The new coverage comes as the American Optometric Association (AOA) and the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AO), two major professional associations, are trying to establish an independent commission to monitor the efficacy of the eye-wearables.

The AOA and AO will jointly evaluate the products.

The American Optographic Association said in a statement the new coverage is aimed at reducing eye injuries, particularly in children, who are at higher risk of eye injuries.

It’s a good step toward improving patient safety, said David Stancato, director of the American College of Osteopathic Ophthalmologists.

The OOA and the AO are among the organizations that are spearheading a campaign to encourage manufacturers to create eye-care products that are more comfortable and less costly for consumers.

“It’s about getting our eyes as good as they can be,” Stancat said.

The AOA said in its announcement that Proclases lenses are made of a special polymer, which is more flexible than the silicon on the lenses.

Proclare lenses also use a thinner coating that reduces friction, it said.

The thinner coating also helps prevent friction in the eye when the lenses are moved around the eye or in a helmet.

The New York-based company said it’s looking for the new Proclates lenses to replace its older models, which are made from polymers.

The Proclasia lenses were introduced in the early 2000s, and are marketed as “improved contact lenses” by Proclaris, a company that markets and sells Proclascene lenses and contact lenses for the eyewear industry.

The new Procures lenses will be available starting March 31, according to the AOA.

Proclares is based in the Netherlands and sells the lenses online and in stores.

Its stock fell 2.8% Thursday, after the announcement, and it was trading at about $14.15 per share, compared with about $19.80 in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The company’s share price has more than doubled over the past year, rising from $8.50 per share in September 2017 to $12.45 in March.

The stock has risen nearly threefold since then, as investors see Proclavis brand lenses as more widely available and more attractive to consumers, particularly those who might have been wary of buying new eyewears.

Proclear said in the statement it will continue to provide eye health care coverage to consumers through the end of 2019.

The company said that it would invest $3.2 billion over the next three years to support its customers and support their access to eye health products.

“Proclaris has proven its reputation for providing high-quality eye care through its unique, innovative product portfolio, and we are proud to continue delivering its highest-quality products,” said Michael J. Guglielmi, Proclarest’s CEO, in the release.

“Our new Proclus lens offers consumers the convenience of a contact lens, plus advanced features that allow the eye to function more optimally.”

Proclays eye-health products are sold under the Proclast brand.

The Proclasts products include contact lenses that are made with the same polyurethane material that ProClasure uses.

ProClaser, ProClase’s competitor, is a smaller company.

A Proclaser lens has a lens that fits snugly over the eye and is designed to help protect the eye from friction.

The lenses are available in two sizes: Small and Large, and can be purchased separately or in an array of colors.

The Small and Small range is designed for children.

ProClaser and Proclasers lenses also come in four colors: Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow.

They are available as standard or a variety of colors and prices can be found on the company’s website.

Proclaimers eye-quality glasses, meanwhile, are made by Proclaim, a French eyewash company.

The glasses are made to Proclaim’s specifications.

The EyeCare Foundation, a nonprofit that supports the health of the United States population, is providing free eyewares to health care workers, nurses, and others who are in contact with eye-worn devices.

The foundation is partnering with Proclaim on a campaign that will target health care professionals and patients in the United Kingdom, where the company makes a range of contact lenses.

The campaign will begin in November and include online and television advertising, the foundation said.

ProClaim has also launched a mobile app for patients to use to

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