What is the biggest difference between the Monster and the Monster X?

By David L. Cohen | 05/20/2018 07:52:07While we have a ton of coverage about the Monster brand of contact lenses , there is a lot of misinformation out there about them.

The main problem is that there are a lot more than two different brands of contact lens, and that information is confusing for many people.

We’ve done our best to put together a comprehensive list of the major differences between the two brands.

If you want to make sure you’re using the right lens for your needs, check out the article below.

What is the Monster contact lens?

The Monster contact lenses are the top-of-the-line contact lenses that were designed by Monster to help people achieve their dreams of having a beautiful, professional looking, and long-lasting face without having to worry about making sure the lenses are in good condition.

The Monster lenses are a top-tier contact lens and are made by Monster’s exclusive Monster Group.

The company has been in business for nearly 20 years and has been responsible for creating the top quality contact lenses in the world.

The Monster X is a slightly smaller and lighter version of the Monster lens, which comes in a wide range of colors and is available in a variety of lenses.

This is the most common lens type used in contact lenses and it is made by the Monster Group, which is owned by Monster itself.

The difference between these two brands of lenses is the color of the lens.

The eyeshadow, the lens itself, the outer lens coatings, the front lens coaters, and the inner lens coater are all made by one company.

The lens coat is usually painted on and has a different color.

When you buy a Monster lens it comes with a unique inner coat.

You can find these outer coatings in a few different colors, which make the eyeshadows, the lenses outer coating, and other lenses unique.

What does the Monster do differently?

While the Monster is made with the same materials and processes as the Monster lenses, the Monster XL comes in two different lenses: the Monster II and the monster II XL.

The differences between these lenses are mainly in the lens coat color and the lens material.

The colors and coatings are different, and so is the lens diameter.

The lenses are also slightly different in shape and diameter, and you can see that in the images below.

You’ll also notice that the Monster Lens XL comes with two different inner lenses, which are made of a thicker, heavier material called the “superior” inner lens.

These are actually the lenses that Monster makes, and they have a different inner coat, so they are thicker.

These lenses also have a “super-thin” outer coat that is thicker than the inner coating of the lenses.

This difference in shape makes it harder for the Monster to get into the eyes of someone with dark skin.

The higher the lens thickness, the bigger the distortion and the more the lens looks like it’s on the inside of a magnifying glass.

The outer lenses have a higher dispersion (diameter), which means that the lens is more difficult to get in the eyes and harder to remove when you try to use it.

This is a common complaint about the Monsters lenses, especially when it comes to dark skinned people.

It’s a common misconception that the inner coat is thicker and harder than the outer coating.

The inner coat has to be thinner to be able to fit the eye of a person with darker skin, and it has to have a lower dispersion than the one that comes on the outer coat.

The lenses can also be very hard to get out of the eyes.

If the outer lenses don’t stay in place, the inner lenses will slip off and the eyes will get dirty.

In addition, the eyes can get irritated and irritated the closer they get to the eye.

When it comes time to use the Monster, it is important to check out your lenses first.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to take off the outer layer.

The process of removing the outer outer layer is similar to removing the lens, so you’ll need to wear a mask and wipe your eyes.

You also want to wipe the eyes, face, and neck of your eyes before putting the lenses in your eyes, as this is where the lens can fall off.

You’ll want a clear, flat, flat mirror to use for this step.

If your lenses have one-piece lenses, you can get a clear mirror that doesn’t require the use of a mirror brush.

You can also get a flat mirror that has a mirror that you can use to remove the outer layers.

If all of the outer and inner layers are removed, you’ll have a mirror with a clear edge and you’ll be able see the inner layers with no problems.

The downside is that this mirror will take a bit longer to get completely clear, and some people may have difficulty getting

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