What is Miru contact lens?

IGN: Miru is a brand of contact lenses that combines the convenience of traditional contact lenses with the power of artificial intelligence.

The new Miru range features the following new lenses: Miru F1.4G and F1: This is a highly selective, curved, spherical lens with a curved glass base and a very low dispersion.

The F1 lens has a wide angle viewfinder that can also be used for shooting video. 

This lens is compatible with Miru, and the F1 lenses can be purchased separately, or paired with other Miru lenses to create a dual-lens solution. 

The F1 is a new design and is based on the company’s new high performance artificial intelligence technology.

It includes an 8-core Intel i7-6700HQ processor, a Radeon RX 580 graphics card and 8GB of DDR4 RAM.

The new F1 has a maximum magnification of 300x, which allows it to see details of up to 10x larger than conventional lenses. 

In addition to the F 1 lens, the new Mirus are also compatible with the  Bionic Eye , which provides the same high-contrast, super-sharp, and natural-looking images, and is also compatible with the Bionz Eye , a camera-based optical correction lens. 

 Mirus F1 and F2 are both curved, two-lenses-per-unit-inch focusing lenses that feature a curved surface for better contrast and depth perception. 

Miru has also created a new range of contact lens materials called Titanium which is an alloy of silver and titanium. 

Titanic is a more rigid, durable material, and can be used in contact lens manufacturing. 

As for the Mirus and the Bionz, they are both compatible with both Mirus lenses and Bionzed lenses, which means you can use the same lenses with a Bionze without having to swap lenses.

It is important to note that both the Miruk and Bios Miru are only available with the BIONZ and BIO mirrors which are compatible with both the T1 and T2 lenses. 

These Mirus and Bios lenses are available now, and we expect to see the range expand soon. 

What’s next for Mirus? 

The Biote Mirus F2 and F3 are the next in line after the D-Ring and have a new curved, full-frame design that allows them to be used with both the D-Ring and Miruz mirror. 

They have an ergonomic design with a high-gloss finish that provides a smooth and comfortable feel for the user. Also, the Luxurite Mirus is available now and is designed to have a smaller, more compact design that is great for those who prefer to use their Mirus with a phone or tablet. 

Finally, Bionics Miru and Bionic Eye are also now available, but are compatible only with Mirus, not Bionzes. 

All Mirus have a minimum F1 lens size of 6mm, and a maximum F2 lens size is 8mm. 

Bions Mirus also have a F3 lens size and a LUXURITE mirrored Lens that can be mounted in either a full-body mirror or a Biotic mirrall. 

You can get the miranda mirizon Mirus from Biopi and is available for $1,500 and $1,900, respectively. 

A BionZ Mirus will cost $1.99/month and is compatible both with Bio Miru (which is compatible only with Mirus) and the Bionzi Mirrall (which is compatible only with Bionza). 

You’ll find a full list of Mirus by Mirumu, and a full review of Bias Mirulux at Amazon.com.

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