Star contact lenses in Japanese are worth $10 million in the US

Japan has long been an international beacon for the world’s best lenses, with a growing number of companies offering them at competitive prices.

Now, as more companies open their doors in Japan, Japanese consumers are buying them at record prices.

A new Star contact lens brand, Star Lenses, is the latest addition to a growing list of Japanese companies offering the lenses at prices comparable to or cheaper than those of American manufacturers.

It’s an aggressive strategy for Japan, where the country’s economy has been booming for years, and its eye-popping high-quality products are now popular among young people in urban areas.

In the past two years, Star has grown from just five employees to over 2,000 in Japan.

Its main competitor, JinkoSens, has more than 600 employees in the country, and is backed by Japan’s leading beauty company, Sun.

The Star brand has a long history in Japan but it’s been growing at a fast pace, and with the new brands now entering the market, Star is poised to be a leader in the sector.

Star lenses are the result of a collaboration between a Japanese company and American brands, and have been designed to be as durable and effective as the brands themselves.

Star’s products are also made from durable materials and have a broad range of designs, from traditional to high-tech.

JinkoSENS is responsible for many of the Star lenses and is known for its precision manufacturing.

The company produces lenses in Japan using an additive process that combines metal powder and plastic to make the lens.

The process can be used in other manufacturing industries, and in particular, metal powder is a popular material for lenses.

“We’ve been looking for a way to combine our strengths as an additive manufacturing company and as a contact lens manufacturer and we think Star is a great way to do it,” said Jinkosens President and CEO Akira Koshida.

“It’s the perfect combination for Star.”

The company’s other major focus is in high-performance lenses, including the Star C1 contact lens, which can offer up to 100 percent lens-to-glass optical zoom, the highest zoom in the industry.

Star also makes the Star A1 lens, an ultra-high-speed lens, but unlike other Japanese lenses, the Star lens is made of a special alloy.

This makes the lens extremely tough to shatter, and it is also much more durable than any other Japanese lens.

While most American brands have a limited number of Star lenses, Star says it will soon have a million in stock.

Star is also the world leader in high performance lenses, particularly in contact lenses.

Its C1 and A1 contact lenses are among the most popular and most widely available lenses in the world, and they are the focus of several premium high-end cosmetic companies in the United States.

Star also has a strong presence in the luxury lens industry.

The Star M1 and Star M2 lenses are two of the most expensive lenses in this category, and Star is also offering the Star M3 and Star C4 contact lenses at $15,000 and $15 to $30,000, respectively.

Star sells its products in Japan through its subsidiary company, Shizuo Shio, which has a network of nearly 1,000 retail outlets and a network that reaches more than 1,400 stores across Japan.

This brand has been growing in Japan for years and its products have been a hit in many Japanese markets.

Shio sells Star lenses in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, and other major cities.

The company is also expanding into the international market, as it has set up a network in Shanghai, and recently opened an office in London.

For consumers in Japan who have never heard of Star, it is not hard to imagine that the lenses are a very expensive way to attract attention.

Star’s slogan is “Beautiful, Smart, Affordable.”

The lenses are also marketed as a way for women to show off their curves.

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