Philips makes the most eye-catching, eye-tracking glasses in 2018

Philips is making the most wearable contact lenses in 2018, and the new eyewear has the potential to change how we look at the world.

The company is making its latest smart glasses, the Philips Smart Contact Lens, and is offering it in three colours: gold, silver and black.

The company claims the new contact lenses will be the most attractive for use with sunglasses, which are notoriously uncomfortable for people with large eyes.

“We know there is a growing demand for wearable contact lens technology,” said Philips co-founder and CEO Ralf Biederman.

“A big part of that is our ability to deliver a superior level of comfort for people using glasses.”

The glasses will be available in three different colours: blue, silver, and black – and the company has already launched two of the glasses in the UK.

The new lenses come with a unique design that has a reflective finish to give them the right colour to wear, with a light blue tint to give it the correct shade of blue.

The new glasses will also feature a sensor that records information about the wearer’s eye movement, which will be stored in the glasses.

Biedermans vision is “the perfect prism for the eye to read”, he said.

In addition to a camera sensor, the new lenses will also include an IR sensor that will enable them to track light patterns.

“The most important thing for us is that the eyes are not only our eyes but our brains,” said Biedercamp.

“We need to get as close as possible to our brain to feel what is happening.”

The Philips Smart contact lenses are made of a glass that has been coated with an organic substance, and are made to allow the lenses to be worn with sunglasses.

The lenses are also waterproof and come with an attachment for a camera.

“With the new Smart Contact lens, you can use your glasses as you would with sunglasses,” Biedemann said.

“It’s also very easy to clean and wash.”

The Smart contact lens will come in three colour choices: gold (approx. $99), silver (appx.

$149) and black (app.


“The new Smart contact Lens is the world’s first contact lens that combines the comfort of a regular contact lens with the technology of the future,” said the company.

“This innovative design will enable us to deliver the best level of immersion for people who wear contact lenses and have to wear them often.”

“The Smart Contact lenses will not only give you better vision but will be a new and very innovative way of communicating with the world.”

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