Lenses to be added to the list of contact lenses to be covered by the law

This week, Canada will join a growing list of nations that are making it easier for citizens to get their hands on the best contact lenses for their eyes.

The provinces of Ontario and Quebec have already made it easier to obtain lenses with new “contact lens tax credits” that have been created by the Canadian Association of Optical Directors (CAOD). 

In addition, provinces in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island are also expanding their tax credits to include lenses that can be used to treat eye conditions.

All of the provinces and territories in Canada will be adding the tax credits on Thursday, and the federal government announced on Thursday that it will soon introduce the same program for the same reason.

The CAOD announced the new tax credits earlier this month and said the changes would make it easier “to ensure that the lenses are affordable and accessible for Canadians.”

The credits will cost the average Canadian between $30 and $65.

The credits will cover the costs of buying lenses, the cost of obtaining lenses from a qualified supplier and the cost to apply for a new prescription.

“Our vision is to make contact lens products available to all Canadians, and we’re committed to ensuring the access to high-quality, affordable lenses that are a part of our vision for Canada,” CAOD President and CEO Michael K. Pasternak said in a statement. 

“Today, we are announcing our vision to help ensure Canadians have the tools they need to obtain the best quality contact lenses.” 

The new program will also help to expand the number of people who can qualify for the tax credit, which is worth up to $50 for an individual.

The program is designed to give Canadians more choice and better affordability.

It also aims to give people more information about the tax benefit they qualify for, and to provide more choices for people who don’t qualify for a provincial tax credit. 

The number of eligible individuals who qualify for both the tax and the provincial credit will be capped at 20,000. 

To qualify for one of the new credits, applicants must provide proof of income for the previous 12 months, including an annual tax return. 

In Ontario, for example, a person earning $30,000 a year is eligible for one tax credit while an individual earning $1,500 a year would qualify for an additional one.

In Quebec, the minimum income limit is $60,000, with the maximum tax credit being $75,000 for an annual income of $150,000 and the maximum provincial tax credits at $50,000 per year for an income of up to about $60 million.

In Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and just north of the border, the maximum income limit for a person is $30 million. 

As part of the tax rebate, eligible individuals will be able to apply online and mail in a completed application for the federal tax credit and for the provincial tax rebate.

The new credits will also be available to anyone who purchases an approved prescription for a prescription-only eye condition.

A person can only get the federal or provincial tax benefit for the eye condition they are prescribed for. 

All the provinces have also made it easy for people to get lenses through a variety of ways.

In Nova Scotia for example you can apply online for a rebate or visit any local pharmacy.

In Newfoundland and New Brunswick the provincial government has a new online program that allows people to apply directly for a contact lens and get a rebate of up the first $5,000 of their purchase. 

(Nova Scotia Health and Wellness Ministry via Facebook) Newfoundland and Labrador has also made the application process easy, with a rebate program that can apply for the new contact lenses and the province is currently accepting applications.

In Quebec the province has an online program, called Lenses for All, that is similar to the provincial program, but for contact lenses only. 

It has been a relatively new initiative in Quebec, with its pilot program launching last year. 

Quebec also announced last week that the province will expand its contact lens program to include prescription-prescription-only conditions, as well as those who cannot get a prescription for an eye condition due to an underlying condition.

The program is currently in its second phase, and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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