How to avoid the ‘soul crushing’ of your prescription lenses

The Hill article The number of Americans who pay to have their lenses examined by a doctor has soared to a record high.

According to a new survey from the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen, nearly 30 percent of U.S. consumers now have at least one prescription lens in their system.

Public Citizen is tracking prescription lens prescriptions from the 2016-2017 academic year, and found that there were nearly 6 million prescriptions filled for eye health services in 2017.

The survey found that the number of people paying for prescription eye health care rose from 1.6 million in 2016 to 3.6 billion in 2017, reaching the milestone of 4.3 billion prescriptions in 2018.

“This trend is not sustainable,” said Roberta Siegel, president and CEO of Public Citizen.

“If the U.A.S.’s medical system can’t continue to keep up with the demand, the cost of treating eye health issues will be high.”

One of the biggest reasons Americans pay for prescription lenses is to save money on their prescriptions.

The average U.K. doctor charges more than $300 for a first-line prescription, and the average American doctor spends $200 for the same procedure.

This increased spending could help explain the surge in prescription lens demand, Public Citizen found.

According the survey, in 2016, the average U,K.

prescription was $1,966.

The U.C. Davis Medical Center in California, for example, charged $1.8 million for a vision-care service in 2017— a $2,000 increase over 2016.

A report published by the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that Americans spend $7.9 billion annually on prescription eyewear.

The new survey also found that Americans are spending more money on eyewash than they did two years ago, as a percentage of disposable income.

In 2016, about 8.3 percent of Americans were spending $200 or more per month on eyeglasses and glasses, a 10 percent increase from 2015.

The trend will likely continue in 2018, as prescription eyeglass purchases are expected to grow even more rapidly than overall eyewearing spending.

The study found that in 2017 prescription eyemask purchases totaled nearly $12.6 trillion, or $1 trillion more than the same year in 2016.

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