“Fingerprints on your face could have been a killer: Researchers report in new study

An emergency contact lens could be the key to a new way to detect the presence of an infected virus on a person’s face, researchers report in a new study. 

A new study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, found that when the lens is used on a finger, the fingerprint on the wearer’s face can be read without any fingerprints on the lens itself.

The researchers say that by using a computer program, the computer can identify the fingerprint without the need for a photo. 

The researchers tested their system using two people, one wearing a contact lens and the other without.

The fingerprint on both people’s faces was compared to fingerprints found on the person’s fingers using a fingerprint recognition test. 

According to the researchers, they found that the fingerprints on both hands matched those found on their fingers when wearing a non-contact lens. 

“We’ve used the fingerprint recognition technology to identify people who are infected with an infectious virus in real time, even when they are wearing a closed face mask,” Shannon Mathers, one of the researchers who worked on the study, told Reuters Health in an email.

“In addition, we could potentially use this to identify individuals who have contracted the virus and to warn patients of their possible exposure to a potentially dangerous infectious disease. 

If we can use this technology in real-time to detect fingerprints on a face, we can now potentially detect an infectious disease in a person and prevent the spread of the infection,” Mathers added. 

Researchers say that the use of fingerprint-based technology in emergency contact lenses is possible because fingerprint recognition is “almost perfect,” according to Reuters Health.

“The fingerprint recognition system that we developed is so precise, and its ability to identify the fingerprints in real life is so good, that we could have the ability to detect infectious diseases in a real time without a photo of the person,” Mathera said. 

While a lot of people wear contact lenses that cover the eyes and nose, the researchers say they found the best way to avoid fingerprints on contacts in the form of a “closed face mask.”

“We can now use this software to determine the presence or absence of fingerprints in a closed, closed face, without having to go into a photo booth and take a photo, and without having the need to have a photo taken,” Mato said.

“We could also use this information to warn people of potential exposure to an infectious illness by showing them that they should wear a face mask when traveling,” She added.

The team has previously found that people can be infected with Ebola by touching their nose to an infected person’s eye or nose, and it’s possible to wear a mask and get a test for the virus without ever having to see a doctor.

The researchers say there is also a small risk of the virus entering the eye through the nose, so it’s important that people don’t wear masks while they travel.

The research was funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, and the Defense Department.

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