Australian companies could be selling a lot more prosthetic contacts as their use of technology increases

News Corp has published an article detailing the impact of the recent adoption of 3D-printed prosthetic eyes and contact lenses.

The article, which was obtained by The Conversation, describes how a number of Australian companies are using the technology to offer a range of different contact lenses and contact lens accessories to the market.

Read more at The Conversation.

The article is based on a survey of a representative sample of Australian consumers, who were asked what they were willing to pay for a prosthetic or contact lens, as well as whether they were satisfied with the quality of the prosthetic product.

“A number of companies are already moving in this direction,” the article reads.

“The main issue is that people are not sure which is the best and it’s difficult to compare.”

The most common complaint was that the prosthetics were too bulky, while those that were expensive or not user-friendly were considered less attractive.

However, a number cited a range.

While the majority of respondents said that their favourite prosthetic was the CyberGlove, which they thought would fit them better than their current prosthetic, they were equally likely to recommend a contact lens made from a plastic shell, and one made of a metal plate.

Another respondent cited the Cyberglove as their favourite contact lens and one that would be suitable for all their needs, but also said that a metal lens was not as comfortable as a plastic one.

And the most popular choice for people to purchase a prosthesis, the article says, was a contact gel that uses prosthetic cells.

This gel is made by using cells from a patient’s own cells, and the cells are then mixed with an adhesive.

After using this gel for a few weeks, the gel will then be washed and then covered with a rubber band to protect the plastic.

One of the most commonly used prosthetic materials, the CyberSkin, has become popular due to its versatility.

It has a removable base that can be attached to the face using a small hook and loop, and can be used as a temporary replacement for a plastic prosthesis.

But, as the article points out, the cost of a CyberSkin would be significantly cheaper than the cost for a replacement prosthesis or contact lenses made with an actual prosthetic.

At the same time, there is the problem of making the prosthesis comfortable enough for everyday use.

As the article notes, most prosthetics are made of materials that are too soft to wear over the skin, which can be problematic for people who have very small pores.

Some prosthetic companies have begun using materials that absorb water, which may be less problematic for a person who has a large pool of water around their nose.

But, the problem with prosthetics that are made from metal or plastic, which are more susceptible to being scratched, is that these are also often made of porous materials, and if they break, the prostheses are likely to be damaged.

With the advent of 3-D printing technology, these issues have been largely resolved.

In the article, The Conversation says that many Australians are still concerned about the cost and quality of prosthetics, but this may be changing.

Read more from The Conversation here.


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