Why you should care about the new, revolutionary lens for your contact lenses

A new, innovative lens that offers an easy, affordable way to treat and protect your eyes for up to 10 years is about to hit the market.

The lens is the first in a new class of contact lens products from Samsung, one that promises to be the next big thing in eyewear.

The new lens, called the Galaxy S-100L, is designed to be worn for hours and even years without affecting your vision.

While it’s not entirely new technology, Samsung’s new lens has the potential to be a major player in the world of contact lenses.

The company’s first-ever lens was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, and Samsung says the new lens will hit stores on June 30, 2019.

Samsung’s latest lens, the Galaxy A1, is a high-quality, lightweight contact lens that’s designed to help you see better.

Its $299 price tag makes it the least expensive of the four new lenses currently on the market, but the Galaxy X and X+ offer significantly higher quality.

The Galaxy S100L is designed for up-to-10 years of wear.

Image: Samsung Galaxy S 100L and Galaxy A5 review (source: Samsung) Samsung’s newest lens is designed with a unique shape that’s almost invisible to the naked eye, and it’s made of a material called polyimide that’s made up of several layers of silicon, according to Samsung.

That gives it a super-thin lens, which means it’s very lightweight, lightweight enough to be comfortable even for extended wear.

The S100 is made of two layers: a protective shell with an insulating polymer layer that holds the lens, and an inner lens that has an internal surface made of polyimides and titanium dioxide.

It weighs just 4.7 ounces, and the camera on the front of the lens is made out of a camera chip with an LED flash.

Both lenses come with an integrated LED flashlight, and they come with a built-in 3-D camera.

Samsung says it has over 1 million units on the way, and that they’re on sale in the U.S. and Europe in June 2019.

The lenses are expected to be available in four colors, black, silver, gray, and rose gold.

In addition to the lens itself, the new Samsung lens will be available as a special edition that includes a case, a lens cap, a protective cover, and a protective bag that holds all the lens materials.

It will cost $499.99, which includes a special Samsung warranty and will include a $150 Samsung credit.

There’s also a $100 discount for customers who purchase an additional Samsung lens with a compatible phone.

There are also new contacts available for the new S100 lens, including contacts made from the polyimiding materials used in the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy X. The contact lenses can be worn on the inner side of the eye, with the lens being held in place with a protective sleeve.

The outer edge of the lenses will not be visible to the eye.

Samsung claims the new lenses are safe for up 25 years, with a two-year warranty, which is good for up and up.

While the lenses aren’t available in any color yet, Samsung is planning to launch the new contacts in a few months.

Samsung is also working on new lens materials that will allow the company to offer contact lenses for the Samsung Galaxy A6, the Samsung A7, the A8, and other devices that use Samsung’s S-series lenses.

In the meantime, the company has plans to release new lenses for Samsung’s next generation Galaxy S series of phones.

Samsung plans to launch a new lens in the next few months for the Galaxy Note 4.

For more, check out the following video: The Samsung Galaxy X with Galaxy A4 review (link in bio) If you’re looking to find out more about the Samsung lens, read our Galaxy X review.

You can see more of our coverage of Mobile World Report 2018 here.

Contact lenses are becoming more and more important to us, especially at work and in our homes.

Contact lens wear has become a big deal for some companies, as the use of contact-masking technology has made it possible to protect our eyes without putting us at risk for eye infections.

The Samsung lens offers the best-of-breed technology and is one of the most affordable contact lenses available today.

It’s a breakthrough in technology that is designed specifically for contact lenses that protects your eyes without causing them to bleed.

The only downside is that it takes a little bit longer to wear, but that can be mitigated by wearing it in conjunction with the new Face Unlock feature.

Samsung will also make available a new Samsung contact lens for use in Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

For those who aren’t familiar with contact lenses, they’re contact lenses used to protect your eye while you’re at work or in your home.

The most common form of contact contact lenses is a contact lens, but you

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