Why is it so hard to buy contact lenses?

By now, we’ve all heard about the eye-popping price tags and the headaches associated with having to fill out form applications.

So we figured it would be a good time to revisit this issue from a different angle. 

What is contact lens damage? 

The average American uses 1.5 to 2 glasses a day. 

The lens damage caused by contact lenses can vary wildly. 

A recent study from the American Optometric Association (AOA) looked at more than 3,000 patients with eye problems.

It found that the average person had between 10 and 12 lenses in their eyes, but that patients with vision problems had over 50. 

So what is contact damage?

It can be caused by the lens breaking or spilling out of its original location, or the lens being removed from the eye. 

One way to think about it is that the lens will break and then spill into your eyes or your nose. 

This can be particularly damaging if the lens is left on for long periods of time, or if the lenses can move out of their original location. 

If the lens moves, it can cause eye irritation and irritation can lead to vision loss. 

Other common damage is that your eyes can become very sore, especially when you use contact lenses in direct sunlight. 

Another type of damage is to the cornea, the clear layer that covers your eye.

This layer can tear and break, causing your cornea to swell. 

But if the corneal tear doesn’t stop the swelling, you can have damage to your eyes, too. 

These are just a few of the many ways that the damage from contact lenses is devastating. 

Here’s a look at the ways contact lenses damage your eyes. 


Contact lenses break and spill out of the original location When a person wears a contact lens, it usually comes with a protective coating that protects it from being damaged by sunlight or other elements.

The coating is made up of a polyurethane, polypropylene, and acrylic film. 

For a long time, contact lens manufacturers made sure that the glass was safe to wear, but over time, these protective coatings are starting to break down. 

When contact lenses break, they are usually caused by a buildup of dust on the lens surface, and the lens can start to spill out. 

As the lens starts to leak, it creates a bubble in the lens, which can cause it to fall off and become trapped in the eye, which is more painful. 

There is also a possibility that the polypropene coating in contact lenses breaks down, which causes the lens to leak and cause irritation. 


Contact lens damage can cause vision loss If your contact lens gets wet, it may break or spill out and then cause damage to the lens. 

In some cases, the lens itself can become contaminated, causing the lens particles to fall into the eye and cause injury. 

It’s also possible that your eye can become infected with bacteria.

This can cause inflammation, and lead to scarring, irritation, and vision loss if left untreated. 


Contact Lens damage can lead the lens into the eyes If the lens gets contaminated with dust or bacteria, it could cause inflammation in the corona, or surrounding layers of the eye that are the protective layer.

This inflammation can cause the coronal hole to become infected and become inflamed, which in turn can cause damage in the area surrounding the coronacula. 


Contact Lenses can cause pain and discomfort in people with certain eye diseases and conditions If your eyes are affected by a certain eye disease or condition, the lenses you are wearing can lead you to develop an irritation and discomfort, which may cause you to have vision loss or vision loss related symptoms. 

Additionally, the damage to cornea can cause a condition called refractive error, which makes the corotoma or lens surrounding the eye become damaged. 


Contact lense injuries can lead a person to develop other eye problems such as cataracts If you have a contact lense injury or you develop a condition such as cornea detachment, eye infection, or cataract, you may develop a more serious condition called contact lens injury.

This condition is usually the result of damage to contact lens coating, and it can result in corneas that are pulled out of place, or can cause swelling and/or tears in the surrounding cornea. 

Contact lens injuries can be quite debilitating and require surgical procedures to correct. 


Contact-lens eye problems can lead an eye doctor to have to go through a long list of treatments The cornea is the outermost layer of the corium, and most of the time, it is formed from the coritellum, a kind of gel that is made of corneocytes, keratinocytes, and collagen. 

Unfortunately, corneos can become damaged if they

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