The world’s most expensive contact lens: the one you use on the go

The world has a lot of contact lenses out there, but none of them are as expensive as the one that covers your eyeballs.

The $1,400+ lens comes in a wide variety of colors, and the company that made it is called Holographic Eye.

The lens is a single piece of glass that can cover your entire eye and is actually made of four separate lenses.

You’ll also be able to pick out the colors of the lenses. 

The first thing you will notice is that the lenses are incredibly large.

At least, that’s the assumption.

Each lens can cover about three inches of your face, but the lenses can cover more than three inches across your entire face.

That means you will need to be extremely careful when using the lenses, especially when using them in bright lighting, or when you are at the mall, or in a crowded public place. 

What you can see is a large circular pattern on the outside of each lens.

You can also see that the lens has a circular shape.

It’s pretty clear that the color of each individual lens is dependent on which colors you pick. 

I had no problem picking out my favorite colors. 

Here are the colors I picked: Green, Red, Blue, Black, Purple, White, Brown, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Blue-Yellow, Black-Green, Blackberry, White-Blue, Pink, Purple-Pink, Light Purple, Blueberry, Orange, Pink-Red, Blue Orange, Orange-Black, Black Red, Red-Green Green-Yellow Black-Purple Blue-Blue Black-Pink Black-Yellow Blue-Orange Blue-Black Orange-Pink Blue-Red Orange-Yellow Purple-Purples Green-Black Green-Red Blue-White Black-Blue Orange-Blue Green-White Orange-Red Yellow-Black Blue-Green Blue-Pink Pink-Purps Green-Orange Green-Blue Blue-Purp Purple-White Purple-Red Pink-Blue Red-Blue-Purpees Purple-Black Red-Red-Purpurples Green+Black Green+Orange Green+Red Green+Blue Green+White Green+Purple Green+Yellow Green+Pink Green+Green Green+Silver Green+Brown Green+Gold Green+Dark Purple Green+Grey Blue+Blue-Black Yellow+Black Red+Red-Green Orange+Blue Purple+Pink Black+Green+Blue Blue+Orange Blue+Black Blue+Purples Blue+Red Orange+Black White+Red Red+Green Orange=Blue Black=Green Black=Blue Red=Green Green=Red Green=Purple White=White Blue=Black Blue=White Red=Purples White=Blue Yellow=White Black=Black Red=Red Orange=Red Blue=Blue Green=Blue Blue=Red Purple=Purp Green=Black Green=Green Blue=Green Orange =Purple Red=Black Orange=Black Yellow=Black Black=Purps Black=Red Red=White Orange=Green Red=Orange Blue=Orange Green=Orange Orange=White Purple=Pink Blue=Purpes Green=Dark Purple=Black Brown=Black White=Purpurps Green=White Green=Yellow Blue=Yellow Pink=Black Purple=White Yellow=Purperes Blue=Pink Black=White Light Blue=Dark Blue Blue=Brown Black=Dark Red Green=Light Blue Purple=Light Purple Red=Blue Orange=Pink Red=Pink White=Pink Purple=Dark Orange Blue=Light Orange Blue =Purples Black=Grey Green=Grey Yellow=Grey Black=Yellow Red=Dark Green Green=Brown Red=Grey Orange=Brown Blue=Grey Red=Light Green Purple=Yellow Orange=Pur Purple=Orange Red=Yellow Green=Pink Green=Gold Green=Gray Blue=Gray Orange=Grey Blue=Silver Green=Golden Blue=Gold Black=Gold Red=Gold Orange=Silver Black=Light Black Red=Silver Blue=Teal Blue=Pewter Green=Bright Purple=Bright Red=Bright Blue=Bright Orange=Bright Pink=Bright Yellow=Bright Brown=Bright Green=Pebble Purple=Tail Silver=Tails Black=Tats Red=Tattoos Green=Tears Green=Lights Blue=Lipsticks Black=Bright Tats Red =Lips Green=Face Bright Red=Lips Purple=Face Black=Face Blue=Face Orange=Face Pink=Face Purple=Lashes Black=Lash Brown=Lapel Eye Black=Pink Lashes Red=Ring Lashes Orange=Ring Green=Ring Blue=Ring Pink=Ring Orange=Rings Green=Masks Black=Mascara Green=Eyewear Black=Eyebrow Green=Ringing Black=Ear Bright Black=Ringer Lashes Green=Ear Lashes Blue=Ear Light Black=Eye Bright Red =Ear Blue=Eye Pink=Eye Purple=Ear

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