Spiral contact lens in ‘Spiral’ brand’s brand name

With the launch of a new line of contact lenses from Spiral, it looks like a brand is looking to go in a new direction with their name.

The company, which has launched a range of brand names in the past, has chosen to keep its name “Spiral” as a brand name for the brand.

This is despite the fact that the company has yet to launch any new products, including the first-ever “spiral lens”.

Spiral has launched the first “spangle” lens, a compact, compact-sized lens, and the company is aiming to increase its reach.

It has launched two other “spangles” and a “spintone” contact lens, all of which are designed for a wider audience.

The “spinch” brand name has also been changed, from “spindle” to “spinner”.

Spinch’s brand, in addition to offering a wide range of contact lens styles, also offers a range that includes a compact “spinning” contact.

Spiral says its “spincing” contact lenses are “designed for people who like to look at things from a different angle, from the side”.

Spincing is designed to help people who are unable to use a normal contact lens to see more easily.

“People who like a bit of movement can use it to hold their phone and it can be used as a camera grip,” says Spiral’s CEO, Sam Taggart.

“It can also be used to hold a laptop or a tablet, it can also do some things that you can’t do with a normal lens.”

Taggart says the new “spin” and “spinches” contact lenses are made of a polycarbonate plastic and have a “smooth, natural feel”.

“We wanted to do something different and a little bit more unique,” he says.

“We thought it was a good idea to change it up a bit and make it feel like a traditional lens.”

Spin and spinches have a combined retail price tag of $US6,000 (NZ$7,500).

The company has not announced when the new line will launch.

The firm has yet, however, announced when its first new product, a “shark”, will be launched.

It will be available in September, the same month as the launch date of its new “Spins” brand.

Spin has also launched a brand-new product called “Spin”, which will be sold in stores for the first time.

It’s a new, affordable, high-end lens designed to be worn on the wrist or worn under clothing.

Spinner says it’s “very excited” about the new lens, which will include “an innovative coating process”.

“This new coating is actually made of high-quality material which gives us the best optical properties in the industry,” says Taggert.

“The result is that the coating gives the lens an extremely soft and natural look that is absolutely fantastic.”

Spinning and Spinch are expected to launch their first products in October, although Spiral says it is “still in the early stages of development”.

Development Is Supported By

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