How a lens that lets you see and focus your eye is a boon for the blind

The word contact lenses are a familiar sight at airports, in shops, and in homes.

And for many people, the devices have become the primary means of seeing with their eyes.

But there’s a problem: The lenses are usually so small and heavy that they’re easy to forget about.

For some, that’s a fatal flaw.

In this article, we explore how a lens with a focus mechanism that can focus the eyes can help blind people see better.

The first contact lens I used was the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Its “contact” technology allows the user to put the lens in contact with the retina of the eye.

The image above shows a normal contact lens.

The user inserts the lens, which is made of a flexible plastic, and then pulls the lens out, putting the focus mechanism in the way of the retina.

The lens can focus on the retina or the retina itself.

The second contact lens is the Samsung Gear VR headset.

It has a different mechanism that lets the user put the lenses in contact.

The lenses focus on a sensor inside the headset, which sends signals to the brain to adjust the image in the image field, according to the Samsung site.

I used the Samsung Lens VR headset, but it’s not the best way to see.

The Samsung GearVR headset can focus only on a camera attached to the head, and the lenses’ “focus” mechanism does not work when the head is off the headset.

I was able to see a little bit better than I could with a regular contact lens, but not enough to be comfortable.

It took me a couple of tries to get the GearVR to focus on me and get a clearer image than the Samsung lens.

I did this by using the Samsung Head Unit software to make a series of virtual scenes.

In the scenes, I put the Gear VR into the headset and held my hand over my right eye.

I could then see a series a tiny images of me, my glasses, and a small, square lens in the headset’s image field.

The scenes did not look very clear to me at all.

This is because the images are too blurry to be useful for a person with vision problems, said Lisa Hausfeld, an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

“This was not my first attempt at the Gear.

This was my first experience with the Samsung.”

When I tried to focus the Samsung headset on a virtual image, the image was still blurry.

I didn’t see anything in the scene that would help me to focus my lens, so I tried another virtual scene.

The next scene was different.

I placed the Samsung device in the front of the Gear and pulled the lens away from my right ear.

The images in the Samsung head unit’s image file looked more clear.

But the Samsung images did not appear as sharp as the Gear images, so it took me longer to get a clear image.

I started to think that I could not focus the Gear’s lenses correctly.

So I tried the Samsung’s lenses again and this time it worked.

After a few attempts, I finally got a clear, sharp image.

“We have a way to try and correct the lens that doesn’t require an intervention on the head or eyes, said Hausfield.

In her experience, some people with vision issues can’t focus a smartphone lens with the Gear, so they don’t need the Samsung product.

But she added, “If you don’t have an issue with this, then you can use the Gear as an alternative.”

There are other lenses available.

The LG V20’s lens is a contact lens that has a special “lens tip” that lets a user hold the device in front of his or her eye and press the lens tip to the lens to focus.

In another Samsung product, the Samsung TouchSense 2, users can make a virtual “hand” to hold the lens.

But these devices have to be connected to a computer, which can take time and battery power to charge.

But some people can do this with a VR headset like the Gear or Samsung’s GearVR, and it doesn’t take much effort to do it.

The best way is to put a phone in front and use the headset with your right hand to see the images.

If you have a VR camera, use it to make the virtual image.

If your smartphone does not have a headset, you can make an image using the GearView app on your smartphone.

For example, if you use a Samsung Galaxy Gear VR or Gear VR with a Samsung phone, you could use this Samsung GearView video to make your virtual hand move your Samsung Gear.

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